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Premier Roofing Solutions specializes in flat roof replacement and repair. We do commercial and residential flat roof contracting. Many of our projects are completed in Washington DC, Silver Spring and Alexandria. If your property is within a 3o minute drive of the District of Columbia, Premier would love to be your flat roof company. We have been experts in the roof industry for over 25 years. 

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what flat roofing material is best for a flat roof? Lets take a look at the differences. What are the advantages of TPO? The pros and cons of EPDM material on a flat roof.   what makes one better than the other?

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It is really best to ask your Premier flat roofing expert whether TPO or EPDM is best for your project. But the basic differences between TPO and EPDM are as follows: 

  1. EPDM has been used for over 60 years vs 20 years for TPO
  2. EPDM absorbs heat from sunlight and TPO reflects sunlight
  3. EPDM is mechanically retained by screws where TPO is glued down
  4. EPDM seams are taped together whereas TPO seams are melted together with a hot air gun.
  5. EPDM and TPO are roughly the same cost.
  6. EPDM on the average lasts 5-10 years longer than TPO. 


What is the Best Flat Roof Material?

The above facts about TPO vs EPDM speak for themselves but there are certain situations where one material may work better than another. For example in situations where there may be lots or high winds, TPO may be better because of the higher seam strength. In situations where there is lots of intense sun and long summers, TPO may be better because if reflects radiating heat from the sun. TPO in this situation will likely prevent less heat from entering the building and reduce cooling bills. In situations where there are longer winters EPDM may be a better product for energy saving reasons as well. EPDM has a longer life on the average, so it will in the long run be the better value when it comes to flat roofing. EPDM is also easier to install and requires less skill.