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How Premier Roofing Solutions is Different?

Premier Roofing Solutions is a roof installation specialist. We do not just install shingles, but rather roofing systems that will protect your home for a lifetime. We are not a contractor who does roofs on Mondays, windows on Tuesdays and siding on Saturdays. We are a company who only installs roofs and guttering systems. Premier has multiple roofing crews for different kinds of projects:

  1. conventional shingles
  2. metal including copper, aluminum and steel
  3. cedar shake wood
  4. slate  and stone materials
  5. Flat roofing including EPDM and TPO

Our roofing systems will always include drip edge, proper flashing, weather guard, proper ventilation, adequate drainage of stormwater. 99% of roofs leak 5-10 years later because of installation errors. Our roofing systems carry a 15 year warranty against installation defects.


Who is Premier Roofing Solutions?


Premier is a contractor who only does roof projects. We repair and replace residential and commercial roofs that are within an hours drive of Washington DC. We specialize in asphalt shingles, flat roofs (TPO, EPDM and PVC), metal, cedar and slate roof materials. We will also work with gutters, down spouts, stormwater management and roof ventilation systems. We also replace, rotten wood decking, sheathing, facia and rake. Replacement service includes installation of ice shielding and drip edging.

No job is too big. Premier provides services for small townhomes and does roofs for churches and large commercial and government buildings.

Roof Contracting Service Areas:


Most of our residential customers own properties in and around Washington DC, Georgetown, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Potomac, Bowie, Crofton, Columbia, Mclean, Arlington, Alexandria and Great Falls. Don’t feel left out. if you are within a 60 minute drive of Washington DC, in the Maryland, NOVA, DC metro area, you can be a customer.

Roof Evaluation – Repair and Replacement Estimates:


Premier offers free estimates for roof projects of any kind without obligation. Please fill out our estimate request form and our project manager will schedule a time to evaluate your project. It is not necessary, but you can be present for the site evaluation. We will take a look at your roof material, all joints and penetrations, ventilation and stormwater drainage systems. After the roof evaluation, our project manager will call you by phone to discuss your project and our recommendations. All our contracts can be electronically signed and most projects do not require a monetary deposit. Payment can be made electronically online or we can accept checks once the work is complete and successful to industry standards. How much does it cost to replace a roof on the average, anyway?

Every roofing project is unique and can present different challenges. Due to the differences in flat roofs vs asphalt shingles and other materials, we have separate specialized installation crews for each kind of material. Most roof leaks are related to stormwater penetrating old failing materials. Occasionally, the problem can be related to the pitch and grade of the roof. Issues such as malfunctioning gutter and downspout drainage, chimney flashing and valley issues all need to be evaluated. A detailed evaluation of the roof is the most important part of the job. If problems related to the pitch of the roof are not identified and corrected, any roof installation will leak and fail prematurely. Additionally, dormers, skylights, valleys, chimneys all need to be flashed and sealed properly before the roof is installed or even a new roof will leak.

We Do Simple Repairs to Correct Roof Leaks


Not every roof needs to be replaced – sometimes repairing a difficult to find leak is all that is necessary. Such as installing drip edge that was not installed during the original roof installation. As apart of our assessment we will make recommendations and provide viable options that work.

Most shingle manufacturers including Certainteed and Tamko will void warranty when roofs are not properly sealed with flashing, drip edges, gutters and anti-ice damning features. We provide these materials as a standard part of all our shingle projects and as a result we have the strongest warranties in the industry.