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If you wake up one morning after a heavy rain to water dripping into your kitchen, your next move is to google “emergency roofer” immediately. Or else. Roofs with shingles last between 15 to 25 years before the shingles need to be replaced. If the roof has been replaced within the last 15 years, perhaps a roof repair to a damaged area can be done. If your roof is older than 15 years, it is best not to waste money on repairs of a roof that is aging and is completely breaking down. 

Premier Roofing Solutions specializes in fixing problems with roofs. And has done so for over 35 years. We do not just install shingles. We install complete roofing systems that protect your home. A complete roof solution includes gutters and downspouts, drip edge, weather guard, flashing, ventilation and careful consideration of the best material. If you do not know what these components are, you need to find out before spending a single dollar on repairs or replacements. 

Contact Premier for a free estimate anytime. When embarking on your project there are a few things to consider:


CertainTeed and GAF Shingles are Good Choices


certainteed landmark shinglesLast thing you want is to get home from work everyday wondering why you ever installed and spent money on a new roof that looks cheap and has horrible curb-side appeal. There are many kinds of roofs to consider installing. What are the most popular shingles in 2021? The average shingle roof lasts 10-20 years depending on the quality of the installation and other factors such as the specific shingle material used. Most roofers use Certainteed shingles. Shingle roofs are the most popular residential roofing material in the DC suburbs. Asphalt shingles are the most cost effective and the least expensive material in the roofing industry. 3.5 out of every 5 roofing projects done by Premier Roofing Solutions are shingles. Most shingles are either made by Certainteed or GAF. Certainteed shingles come in many different lines such as Landmark, XT and Grand Manor. In this article we will be consider:

  1. Different kinds of shingles design
  2. Cost of a shingle roof
  3. How to hire a quality company to install a new shingle roof. 


Popular Shingle Styles and Designs in 2021


3-Tab Conventional Shingles


3 tab shingle roof materialPractical, affordable, and efficient. Very suitable for standard housing developments Very efficiently, the asphalt shingles direct the heat away from the sun. Meaning the materials will help regulate the internal temperatures of your home, forgoing the need for extra/unnecessary energy usage. This will not offer the necessary curbside aesthetic for a neighborhood that consists of custom homes.    


Architecture or Dimensional Shingles


architectural shingle roofing materialOriginally designed for larger upscale homes, architecture style roofs is a  higher quality route to take when looking at what would best suit your home. Also, used for homes with slanted or a peaked roof, this high-quality dimensional/ laminated shingle will give your home the beauty that it deserves. With there being a broader spectrum with qualities, designs, and color options; the sky’s the limit for what you’re looking for .These roofs are made with higher quality materials that are thicker, heavier, and last longer than your ordinary three tab shingle. For a little extra money you will get a finished product that will look better and last longer. 


Designer Asphalt Shingles or Look-Like Shingles


designer shingle materialWhen it comes to designing custom shingles for your home, almost anything is possible. If you’re working with a strict budget, it can be designed to look like an expensive material such as slate or terra cotta Spanish tiles while staying within your price point. Most designer shingles are also higher quality, heavier 30 – 50 year products. 



How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Shingle Roof?


Roof pricing depends on design, style, size, and slope of your roof. But it’s more than just about the price. You may have to live in and look at your home for the next 20 years. So you need determine what style, color, and shape will create good neighborhood appeal as well as longevity and performance. The last thing that you want is a shingle that lasts 20 years but looks horrible and embarrassing.

Also, some manufacturers offer different weights and quality shingles. For example, Certainteed offers XT25 and XT30 shingles with 25 and 30 year warranties. The shingles have different weights and different fiberglass and asphalt layered designs. 


Find a Reputable Contractor for Shingle Roofing


A company that will not only do a superb job of completing your roof project, but who will also be there in the future to stand behind their workmanship and provide service in the event something goes wrong. Your home is your single largest investment and the quickest way to devalue your home is to have a catastrophic water problem that is not covered by your homeowners insurance. Water problems can be difficult, annoying, and costly to you as the homeowner. In the future, you are going to have water problems, if the roof is not installed properly. That is exactly why it is better to hire a roofing specialist and not a general contractor or a friend. The devil is in the details and a detail-oriented roofer is what you need to seal things up right the first time. 


What Constitutes a High Quality Shingle Roof Installation


  1. Strip roof down to bare wood. Ensure that the wood underneath is sturdy and not rotten or moldy.
  2. Install starter strip, drip edging and ice shielding. These are materials at the edge of the roof to protect against water penetration and ice damning at the bottom and most vulnerable part of the roof. These products are usually skipped by general contractors and can be costly short-cuts taken. 
  3. Cover roof penetrations such as vent pipes, AC units, etc
  4. Flash chimneys. Improper flashing around chimneys is a common mistake made by inexperienced roofers.  Some general contractors skip flashing. A huge mistake. One of the most common post installation leaks is water penetration into the space where a chimney meets a roof. The roofing shingles need to be removed to correct this problem. 
  5. Ensure proper roof ventilation. If roof ventilation is inadequate, high heat will cook the roof from underneath during the summer and mold will collect where hot meets cold in the attic during the winter.
  6. Correct Valley Installation is among key factors in roof installation. Roof valleys is where one part of the roof meets another. Valleys are one of the most common leak prone areas on your roof


How to Choose the Right Roofing contractor


You might ask yourself if you want to hire a general contractor or a roofing specialist. General contractors are all over the place doing bits and pieces of everything home improvement while we focus strictly on one specific aspect, roofing. In fact, Premier even has different crews for different kinds of roofs. Different crew for flat roofing vs shingle roofing. When it comes to finding the right roofing specialist to hire for the job you will first want to look at the online reviews and feedback from other clients that have worked with the company in the past. With over 20 years in the industry we have the experience and knowledge to tackle and complete any job that comes our way.