How Much is a New Flat Roof in the DC Area?

Average cost to replace a flat roofIs your 15 year old flat roof leaking water into your home or commercial place of business in the DC Metro Area? Are you constantly paying for flat roof repairs? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then you will need to start considering replacing your flat roof. It is no secret that when the time comes to replace your flat roof that your options are both limited and expensive. When wanting to know the cost of a flat roof replacement, it all depends on:

  1. Existing condition of the roof
  2. The specific type of flat roofing material used (TPO,EPDM,PVC)
  3. The amount of roof penetrations (Vents, HVAC systems, Chimneys, Skylights ex.)
  4. Difficulty of access to the roof 
  5. Skill of the roof contractor 
  6. Overall time and materials 

Generally, flat roof replacement cost increases with harder access to the roof (1 story vs 3 stories), more expensive materials, larger roof, more penetrations/obstacles and a more skilled workforce. The average cost to replace a flat roof in the DC Metro area can cost anywhere between $10,000 – $20,000 depending on the factors mentioned above. 

Work in the City of DC can be Difficult

In the city, access to roofs can be very difficult with small, busy city streets. In areas where we cannot place dumpsters and where there is a lot of foot-traffic, work conditions are difficult and the costs will go up. Additionally some areas have condo and coop associations with restrictions on work hours and other rules that interferes with efficient work flow. These encumbrances will slow work and increase project costs.

Average cost for a Flat Roof Replacement 

TPO flat roof installation The average roof size on homes in DC Metro area is between 1500-4000 sq ft and some buildings or homes can be even bigger. The square footage of your roof will determine how many squares you will need to cover, 1 square=100 sq ft. Meaning that if your roof is 1500 sq ft, you’ll need 15 squares of flat roofing material.  

  • EPDM: $550 – $970 per square (100 sq ft) 
  • TPO: $900 – 1450 per square (100 sq ft) 
  • PVC: $500 – $1300 per square (100 sq ft)

The average costs will vary depending on complexity of the project, the existing condition of the entire roof and the access to the roof itself. Transporting materials from ground level to the roof and vise versa takes time as well as patience. Although flat roofing materials are durable, they can be easily punctured or torn by sharp objects. 

Flat Roof Repair vs Replacement

The average cost to repair a flat roof is usually comparable to cost to repair a shingle roof or a metal roof installation. But when those repairs start to pile up become more frequent, a flat roof replacement will financially make more sense. Keeping up with regular flat roof maintenance will prolong the lifespan but eventually it will need to be replaced. Generally when a flat roof is older than 15 years, it is not worth paying for expensive repairs. Flat roofs will not last much longer then 15-20 years.

Why TPO Is The Best Material To Use When Replacing a Flat Roof 

average cost to replace flat roofGenerally, all flat roofing materials are proven to be extremely effective. That being said, not all residential or commercial roofing environments are the same. When installing a new flat roofing system, the goal is to have it last as long as possible with very few problems. When discussing TPO vs EPDM,  the advantages of installing a TPO flat roof outway the advantages of any other flat roof material. TPO is by far the perfect flat roofing material for these reasons:

  • Reflects heat radiation better than EPDM
  • Easy to install
  • Is light in color which will decrease heating and cooling cost
  • Extremely durable

Flat roofing Materials Lifespan

The ultimate goal of a roof installation is to have it last. Avoid walking around on your flat roof to prevent punctures and tears in the membrane. The more stress that is put on your roof will decrease the lifespan. Stress includes walking, heavy machinery and weather. Here are the average lifespans of some commonly used flat roofing materials:

  • EPDM: 10-20 years
  • TPO: 15-25 years
  • PVC: 15-25 years
  • Bitumen: 10-20 years
  • Spray On: Up to 20 years

Premier Roofing Solutions Specializes in Flat Roof Replacements

How long your flat roof will last will depend on a lot of factors. The main factor being a correct and proper installation. Hiring a inexperienced roof contractor to replace and install a new flat roofing system will cost you thousands of dollars. At Premier Roofing Solutions out flat roof service team has over 25 years of experience and is ready to combat any flat roof project that comes our way. Contact us for a free estimate on replacing your flat roof.