What is the Average Cost to Replace a Roof

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Roof in the DC Metro Area?

average cost of new roofThe price to replace a roof in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area depends on:
  1. the existing condition of the roof: 1 vs 2 layers of existing shingles to be removed
  2. the material to be used slate vs shingles
  3. access to the roof
  4. pitch or grade of the roof: steep roofs cannot be safely walked on
  5. the skill of the roofing contractor
  6. amount of rotten wood in need of replacement,
  7. ventilation systems
  8. chimneys
  9. skylights
  10. solar panels
  11. protection of underlying landscape

In general, replacement costs increases with steeper pitches, more difficult access (3 stories vs 1 story), multiple layers of existing roofing materials, more expensive materials, more obstacles/penetrations (chimneys, skylights, etc.) and more stilled workforce. In general, most roofs in the DMV will cost between $5000 – $15,000 to replace by a reputable roofer with an ordinary asphalt shingle. Most roofers in the dc area are installing shingles.

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Architectural shingles will cost more at $3.75 and $5.80 per sq. ft. to install. This fee usually considers materials, removal of job related debris, installation, and warranty. Of course all the variable listed above can impact the cost of your project.
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Average Costs For Common Roof Replacement Projects?

The average home in the DMV is 2000 – 4000 ft2 and obviously some homes and buildings are even larger. The size of a roof depends on the number of levels, the slope and roof design. Other factors are relevant such as the manufacturer, style of material and what is being put under the roofing product aka “underlayment.”
  • Conventional Asphalt Shingle roof replacement: $5,000 to $15,000
  • 30-year Asphalt Shingles: $9,000 to $18,000
  • 50-year Asphalt Shingles: $11,000 to $22,000
  • EPDM Flat Rubber Roof installation: $9,000 to $18,000
  • TPO or PVC Single Layer Membrane: $12,000 to $18,000
  • Cedar Shake Roofing: $14,000 to $27,000
  • Aluminum Roof: $17,000 to $29,000
  • Standing Seam: $25,000 to $35,000
  • Natural Slate Roofing: $29,000 to $57,000
  • Concrete Tiles: $26,000 to $48,000
  • Clay Tiles: $29,000 to $58,000
Of course these are just rough costs and pricing numbers for roof replacement jobs done in the DC, Maryland and NOVA areas during 2019 and 2020. Depending on job complexity, the existing condition of the roof and the access to the roof, the project cost can be higher or lower.

Future Maintenance can Add Expense to Roofing Projects

roof maintenance costsRoof replacement is obviously expensive and for many home or business owners it may be a one time investment. An overlooked expense can sometimes be future maintenance and repair costs. Dealing with a more experienced and established roofer is always the best practice. An established roofer will likely be there in the future when you need them. Hiring a new roofer for a repair is more expensive than having the original roofer back out for maintenance.

Hiring a Roofing Specialist Will Save Money

roof ice sheildingA one-and-done general contractor or pick-up truck company will likely have moved on. A true roof specialist will also like install the roof in such a way as to minimize repairs in the future. For example, a reputable company will likely install drip edge, ice shielding and ensure adequate roof-attic ventilation. Ventilation if inadequate, can quickly decrease the longevity of a roof. If drip edges and ice shielding is not installed, the consequence can be lots of premature wood rotting during the winter and heavy rains. A more experienced roofer will also properly flash together peaks and roof valleys and places where one part of a roof meets another. Or where a roof meets a chimney, vent, skylight or any other penetration.
Owners often select the least expensive contractor due to lack of knowledge, experience and wisdom about roofing. They don’t understand the importance of a good roof and they lack general roofing knowledge. A quality roof project in the end will save you time, money and possibly even your health. Mold is often one of the biggest problems associated with water damage.

High Quality Roofing Protects the Value of Homes and Businesses

The price to install a new roof is just a price. Value is found when a project is completed properly.
Benefits of a high quality roof:
  • Durability – longevity;  does not leak with high wind, heavy rain, sleet, hail and snow. Less maintenance because of course we installed drip edge, ice barriers, proper flashing and sealing of penetrations
  • Protection – because the roof does not leak,  the contents and structure are protected from water damage. There is proper drainage because we have properly connected gutters, downspouts and proper stormwater management systems.
  • Efficiency – adequate ventilation and insulation; saves energy bills and lowers heating and cooling utilities. Improves HVAC equipment life.
  • Higher Home Value or at the very least faster re-sale – If you’re selling your home, the last thing you want to do is have a sale he held up by an inadequate roof. The buyer will demand you replace it.

A More Expensive Roof May Save you Money

Metal roof installations for example cost more than traditional shingles. But metal roofing is more durable and energy-efficient than asphalt shingle roofs.  The standing-seam metal roof will cost less money over time. Metal roofs will often come with stronger warranties and they are more durable to severe weather such as wind, hail and ice. Many residential metal roofs are offered with a lifetime warranty and require little to no future maintenance costs. Plus, they come in a variety of styles, colors and have better curb-side appeal. It is best to look past upfront costs sometimes, and look more at how much a roof will cost you over the life of the house. Additionally, a better looking metal roof will definitely result in a higher home value. A lower price doesn’t always mean less expensive.

Slate and Custom Stone Roofing is very Expensive

Slate roofs can last 50 – 150 years and they are beautiful. Selecting slate roof tiles and design can be difficult to select. Amazing curbside appeal. Slate really should only be installed on high-dollar luxury homes that are in neighborhoods with home values over 1 million dollars. Otherwise as beautiful as they are, you will never re-coup the investment on re-sale of the home. The same is true for Cedar roofs and Clay tiles. Custom stone roofs are specialty roofs that need a lot of expertise in installing and even when installed perfectly, they can still need maintenance as pieces of stone or tiles can come loose. Some of these roofs can be delicate as well. For example, if someone walks on the roof, tiles can crack and break loose. When considering replacement of a specialty roof, unfortunately the roof will likely need to be replaced with the same material to avoid hurting resale value and damaging the look of the home. Replacing a slate roof with a shingle roof can prove to be an ugly and costly mistake.