GAF vs Certainteed Shingle Roofing Materials

gaf vs Certainteed roof shinglesIf you’re in the market for a prime shingle material, CertainTeed and GAF standout the most. Most contractors installing shingle roofs use either GAF or Certainteed. The important key factors for this comparison include cost, quality, styles, warranties, pros and cons of each plus much more. Below we address the investment return and go in depth on whether GAF or CertainTeed is best for you, the homeowner.


By all means, CertainTeed is the top manufacturer of home building materials. With a majority of their products on the upside of pricing, they have started producing more affordable options such as the Landmark series. Which will compete against other reasonably priced asphalt brands. A decade ago CertainTeed was not worried about their cost as it continued to dominate as the best roofing shingles, though competition is not far behind.


GAF, the single largest manufacturer with residential roofing products, generally produces quality shingle lines like Camelot. The majority of GAF shingles are very cost effective products that compete with IKO, Owens-Corning, Malarkey, Tamko and other brands. 


GAF: Affordable shingle lines with a some high end products 

CertainTeed: Very high end, expensive products with also a small collection that are affordable as well.


Quality and Reliability

While some homeowners will look for the best style initially, shrewdness homeowners focus on the longevity and reliability. Any product from all sorts of brands will look very appealing when first installed. It is what the shingles are composed of that will determine if they will continue to look great 20 years later. When discussing quality in different roofing shingles, it is determined on the amount of material used and how it is manufactured. 


CertainTeed Shingles are composed of fiberglass-reinforced asphalt with the shingles having laminated layers and fused in construction. Most CertainTeed products weigh upwards over 260lbs per square (10×10), and the top lines such as Arcadia Shake (450lbs), Carriage House (385lbs), and Grand Manor (425lbs) are extremely vigorous. 


While weight isn’t all that’s considered when looking at shingle brands, anyone who tells you it doesn’t matter at all is trying to sell you a bogus product. When more material is applied and well constructed as CertainTeed manufactures it, calls for better impact and wind resistance. The only downside to heavier shingles materials is that an installation on steeper roof decks has zero room for error. If not properly installed the shingles will rip off in sections destroying your roof.  


GAF Shingles are also composed of fiberglass-reinforced asphalt composed in fused layers. Proper installation will guarantee 4 layers of solid protection. The Grand Canyon shake line by GAF is among the heaviest shingle they produce weighing in at 450lbs per square but majority of the other lines like the Timberline residential shingle weighs less than 250lbs per square. This is one of the main reasons that the GAF warranties are not as extensive as CertainTeed’s.


Indistinguishably, both CertainTeed and GAF’s top shingles are A fire-rated and have 110MPH wind ratings and warranties which will be boosted to 130MPH if an enhanced installation is performed that includes matching starter shingles, caps and extra nails. 


GAF and CertainTeed cost

It is well known that the average cost of CertainTeed products outweighs the average cost of GAF’s, though the differential of price gaps has gotten a lot smaller compared to 15 years ago. GAF products are sold wherever you can think of buying other roofing materials while CertainTeed chooses to do their business along with wholesalers to roofing contractors. Below are some current sample prices to compare. These prices are per square ( 10ft x 10ft )

3-Tab Shingles:

CertainTeed’s XT25 shingle products: $65-$85

GAF’s Royal Sovereign shingle products: $52-$78


High end architectural/ dimensional shingles:

CertainTeed Independence Shingles: $170-$190

GAF Timberline Ultra HD shingles: $130-$155

Common architectural/ dimensional shingles:

Certainteed Landmark Premium shingles: $130-$145

GAF Timberline shingles: $122-$145 

Premium or speciality shingles: 

Certainteed Highland Slate shingles: $150-$170

GAF Woodland shingles: $140-$160

Each of the brands produce a large selection to choose from, so you as the homeowner will have no trouble at all finding that perfect style roof that will best suit your home and desires. As GAF remains the largest manufacturer of residential shingles, their selection is much greater. The GAF Timberline Architectural shingles comes in over 8 different colors and is North America’s top selling shingle line:


-American Harvest

-Ultra HD with a wood-shake look

-Cool Series

-Standard HD/Natural Shadow 

-HD reflector series 

– ArmourShield 2 ll

GAF lifetime designer shingles:

-Camelot Slate

-Grand canyon 

-Glenwood Triple Layer

GAF Value Designer Shingles ( much more affordable dimensional shingle )

-Sienna Old fashion style shingles 

-Camelot ll

-Stateline Slate 

-Grand Sequoia ArmorSheild Impact resistant shingles

-Grand Sequoia key cut shingles

-Woodland Shingles 


CertainTeed Shingle Styles:


-Belmont ( 6 colors ) and Belmont IR Impact Resistant ( 4 colors ): Slate-like shingles that are layered and constructed with best in class Class 4 impact resistance.


-Carriage House ( 8 colors ): Triple-sided, Designed with slate-like edges with contrasting layers.


-Independence ( 9 colors ): Premium architectural shingle


– Arcadia ( 6 colors ): Four layered wood-shaked look shingle 

XT 30 IR ( 10 colors ), XT 25 ( 12 colors ), XT 25 Metric ( 9 colors ) and CT 20 ( 9 colors ): Different 3-tab shingles with a variety of warranty coverage.


-Presidential Shake ( 10 colors ), TL ( 8 colors ), IR ( 4 colors ), Solaris ( 2 colors ), TL Solaris ( 2 colors ) and Solaris Gold ( 1 color ): Many options are available for these wood shake-look shingles.  


-Landmark Standard ( 12 colors ), Premium ( 11 colors ), Pro ( 12 colors ), Pro Solaris ( 4 colors ), IR ( 9 colors ), Solaris Platinum ( 3 colors ) and Solaris Gold ( 2 colors ): Shake like shingle design.  


-Northgate ( 10 colors ): High end shake style shingle with high class impact resistance and flexibility for all weather inclements.


-Patriot ( 6 colors ): A strip shingle with a distinct and architectural style.


-Highland Slate ( 8 colors ): Wide cut slate shingles. 


GAF vs. Certainteed warranty options 

CertainTeed and GAF both have a wide range of warranties covering a variety of products. Most Shingle warranties are infamous for letting the manufacturer off the hook for issues such as poorly ventilated roof deck, faulty installation or  shingles that may have been installed in colder weather and don’t seal properly through loopholes.  CertainTeed’s warranties compared to GAF’s are a lot less rigorous which gives the manufacturer more reasons to deny you any warranty benefits. Due to claims being often rejected by the manufacturer, you must hire an expert roofing contractor to ensure that you never have to go down that road. Here at premier roofing solutions we have the necessary experience and knowledge to install all brands of roofing material whether it be CertainTeed or GAF. Hiring the wrong contractor will in turn cost you thousands of dollars and loads of headaches and frustration. 


CertainTeed Warranty Options 


GAF Warranty Options

  1. GAFs warranty is not prorated for the initial 10 years. The coverage drops annually until year 40 when 20% of the warranty remains.
  2. Defection of any materials are covered for 3 years on a 25 year 3 shingles and 5 years on a 30 year shingle.
  3. To acquire full benefits of the GAF limited lifetime warranty, you will have to install two other GAF accessories that qualify such as GAF Deck Armor roof underlayment, GAF cobra ventilation, GAF ridge cap shingles and GAF starter strip shingles.  
  4. The GAF StainGuard warranty will cover your shingle roof against staining for 10 years in temperate weather areas and 5 years in tropical areas.

When GAF is a Better Choice

GAF provides many products that are worth considering for your home, though its 20-25 year shingles should only be a short-term solution. Select GAF when:

-You want an affordable roof that offers good durability and quality 

-If you’re looking to install a good quality roof rather than a high end premium shingle, the middle tier of GAF products have the best track record.

– If you’re planning on moving within the next 10 or so years, you do not want to pay more for a high quality roof. You will be basically buying the next person who buys your house a brand new roof.


When CertainTeed is a Better Choice

The bottom line with CertainTeed is that the cost of the products are much higher compared to GAF’s, but that extra money you spend will give you a more durable and higher quality roofing system. Additionally, it is no secret that CertainTeed offers superior products and high-end shingles that are far greater than anything GAF currently produces. Select CertainTeed when..

-You want a premium high-end shingle with durability and longevity can not be matched.

-You do not plan on moving.

-You are looking for a warranty with a significant amount less loopholes.