Flat Asphalt Roofs Leak And Are Rarely Used

Just like other roofing styles or materials, asphalt style flat roofs are subjected to issues that can either be repaired or replaced. If you own a commercial building, or perhaps a home with an eccentric flat roof, you should be aware that it requires an exponential amount of maintenance compared to other standard roofing systems. The challenging side to owning a flat roof is knowing when to either repair or replace. Below are the top 5 most common asphalt flat roof problems:

Top 5 Most Common Asphalt Flat Roof Problems 

1. Buckle in roofing membrane- Majority of asphalt style flat roofs are structured very similarly to an asphalt shingle roof in that both are made up of an asphalt soaked membrane upon being laid out along the top of the frame. Unlike shingle roofs, the membrane on a flat roof is entirely connected. Meaning that as your home settles and shifts overtime, your roof will as well. Large amounts of movements will cause buckling within the membrane which will call for immediate roof replacement as you are not protected nearly as much anymore. Major problems occurring from the area are major leaks from flashing damage, potential collapse of your roof, energy cost will rise, and not to mention the headaches that will follow. 

flat roof repair2. Alligatoring- A sign that your flat roof needs immediate replacement The asphalt being old and worn causes it to lose its elasticity which will result in bubbling and cracks resembling alligator like skin as seen in this image. Unfortunately, there’s no solution for a repairing this defect and the entire roof will need to be replaced.


3. Pooling water- As rain or snow continuously builds up on a flat roof it becomes more difficult to direct common asphalt flat roof problemsit all away safely. As the flat roof settles over time it will begin shifting causing it to be unleveled in areas compared to the initial installation. This will cause dips and divots to form on the roof that will allow water to linger and potentially seep through the roof and into your home. Make sure to keep up with maintenance to prevent this from happening.

4. Leaks and moisture- The most common issue with all flat roofing systems are leaks due to moisture build up and pooling water. These issues can be dealt with efficiently as long as you as the homeowner or business owner stays up to date with maintenance. If not, moisture will seep throughout the frame causing black mold to grow which will make you violently ill.

5. Shorter lifespan- With an expert installation, a flat roof is suggested to last between 20-30 years is properly maintained, if not then it will last at most 15 years. Compared to other roofing materials such as slate and metal that will easily last 50 years, this is a much shorter lifespan. If you are a new homeowner with an existing flat roof, you should go ahead and start expecting to replace it as it will be in the near future.


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