What is the Life Expectancy of a New Roof in the DMV Area

lifespan of roofing materials The life expectancy of a new roof depends on many factors. From size and the specific material, the location of your home and the consistent weather in that area, and the way it is installed. A roof can last anywhere from 20 years or centuries depending on the materials used but if not properly installed, it will be a lot less. Most roofs in the DC, Maryland and Virginia metro area are asphalt shingle roofs installations and last 15-25 years depending on the shade of the house, how well it was installed and how well the roof is ventilated. Ventilation is a big deal because without proper air flow, the attic space will get very how during the summer and the roof can be cooked from underside. Poor attic conditions can decrease the life of a roof by up to 50%

A Quality Installation by a Roofing Specialist Will Improve the Longevity of Your Roof

It is imperative that you contact a professional roofing contractor and not a general home improvement contractor if you want your roof to be installed properly and last as long (or longer) as it should. Here at Premier Roofing Solutions we have the knowledge, experience, and resources available to ensure that no matter the type of roof you choose to put on your home, it will be done efficiently and up to the standards. 

Life Span of Different Roofing Materials Under Ideal Conditions in the DMV:

  • Asphalt Shingle – 20-25 years for Standard 3 Tab Shingle installation 
  • 30 year Asphalt Shingles- 25 – 30 years 
  • 50 year Asphalt Shingles- 40 – 50 years 
  • Slate Tiles- 50-100 years. Slate roof longevity is heavily dependent on the quality of installation. Many roofers will use steel nails instead of copper. 50 years later, steel rusts and the slate tiles are falling off the roof. Not good for a material that can last 100 years
  • Clay Tiles- 100 years. And again, very dependent on specialized installation
  • Metal Roofing Materials: 
    • Standing seam metal roofs– 40 to 50 years
    • Aluminum-  50 years
    • Copper- 80 to 100 years
    • Steal- 50 to 70 years 
    • Tin- 40 to 70 years
  • EPDM Flat Rubber roof installation– 20-40 years
  • Cedar Shake Shingle installation – 40-60 years
  • Concrete Tiles- 50 years
  • TPO– 20-40 year. Highly depends on how well the seams are put together.