Important Issues When Installing a New Gutter System 

When installing a new gutter system, it is important that you as the homeowner are fully involved with all the final decisions. Many general contractors will take shortcuts and decide themselves to install whatever is easiest and cheapest. Basically what that means is you will get 5 inch white seamed aluminum gutters and downspouts. Many roofing specialists will suggest replacing gutters during installation of a new shingle roof. This is because it is necessary to remove and replace the gutters.

Top Three Questions About Gutter Systems

  1. What size gutters and downspouts should I use?
  2. Does the color of the gutter match the accents on your home?
  3. Is the construction and style of the gutter going to efficiently and safely direct water away from your home or business?

Below we analyze each of these key factors to help you as the homeowner make the correct final decisions when getting new gutters and downspouts.

5 vs 6 Inch Gutters

gutter and downspout size optionsMost guttering systems come in either 5 or 6 inch widths depending on the specific design and brand. When considering size, it is better use a larger gutter. There is no such thing as a guttering system being “too wide“. Installing a larger guttering system will actually lower the chance of leaves and other forms of debris from getting clogged up inside. If a gutter system for your home is too thin, water will overflow during heavy rainfall. Heavy water can destroy your landscape and potentially spill into your home and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Steeper larger roofs need larger gutters. Also shingles and cedar roof installations drain slower than metal roofing systems

Gutters Guide Water Off and Away From Your Home

gutter installation companyGutters serve a purpose other than stormwater management. They offer a unique finishing style to your home. If you’re looking to make the window trim and other accents on the exterior of your home pop, a new matching gutter system is exactly what you may need. Hundreds of different colors are available across numerous top gutter manufacturers making the process of buying a gutter a very exciting experience. And an opportunity to make a style statement.

How The Different Types of Gutter Construction Affect Your Whole System 

When it comes to the construction of gutters it is separated between two different types: seamless and seam-in or seamed. When a guttering system is “seamless” that means it is one piece fully flushed and connected together. Seemed gutters are constructed together from multiple pieces. Seamless gutters do not have joints where leaves and debris can get stuck at the joints. When a gutter is required to be built and constructed from multiple different pieces, debris is more likely to get trapped where the pieces are connected. Seamless gutters are move expensive, because it is more difficult to fabricate a one-piece gutter. And it is more difficult to install a gutter when it is one long piece.

Different Gutter Options 

Gutters will protect your home from water damage and can also look amazing on your home. With being available in various colors, shapes, and sizes, it is easy to find the perfect gutter for your home. There are two basic gutter designs which their names are referred to by their shape. Both designs are manufactured in 5 and 6 inch widths and come in either seamed and seamless:

K-Style Gutters

gutter installation Ever since the seamless gutter machine arrived on the market 40 years ago, K style gutters have taken over. With low material and labor cost, it’s easy to see why over 80% of gutters home owners instal are K-Style. The outside shape of the gutter resembles the letter “K” with two straight but short lines, and two curves opposing each other which resembles a crown molding look. K Style gutters have less seams meaning less leaks. With a plethora of options, K style guttering systems can be made to order and cut to be used in any application.

Half round gutters 

new home gutter system Half round gutters will add a touch of style and class to your home. Unlike the K Style gutter system, half round gutters present a round shape that drains the water more efficiently because it doesn’t get trapped on the bottom. Meaning with less sitting water being held in the gutter, less corrosion will occur over time. Which will also further prevent the risk of your gutter system from failing.