Are Algae Stains and Moss Groupings Taking Over Your Roof?

roof stains and moss covering shingle roofAre you sick of looking at stains and moss covering your shingle roof when you get home? If so, this article provides information on how to eliminate these issues and be sure that they never affect your roofing system again.

Products to Use When Cleaning Your Shingle Roof

Majority of cleaning methods for shingles require the use of some type of chemicals, especially when you’re dealing with algae stains or other visual issues. Whatever the case may be, be sure to use a product that is specifically designed for asphalt shingles or else you could harshly damage the tiles reducing its lifespan. The recommended chemical cleaner should be mixed with a one gallon of water and about a quart of bleach. Once mixed together, apply it on the roof with a pump-style garden hose. Once thoroughly sprayed the solution will fight against the fungus and algae growing on your roof and should slide right off the next time it rains.

How To Optimize Longevity of Asphalt Shingle Roofs

moss covered shingle roofAdditionally to getting a general cleaning, there are other ways to minimize problems that affect your asphalt shingle roofs efficiently. If you have any tree branches overhanging above your roof that are either blocking sunlight or making direct contact, trim them down. We are not suggesting that you cut down that gorgeous tree that completes your yard. Just simply trim the branches to avoid further damage and having to call your roof contractor. The more exposure to sunlight your roof has the less likely algae and moss will form and destroy your roofing system.

Is Cleaning Asphalt Shingle Roof a DIY Project?

The answer is no. If your roof has a steep pitch and needs to be cleaned or maintained in any way shape or form, do not take it upon yourself to do it. With over 800,000 roof related injuries by inexperienced homeowners climbing their roofs, there is no reason you should put yourself in that position. Contact a professional roof cleaning service to take care of the job for you.