Asphalt shingles offer a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from 

In past years shingle roofs have been very practical and ordinary due to there being very few options for different styles and colors. In recent years, shingle material technology and design has exploded leaving homeowners with hundreds of different color, texture, and design options. With so many different choices ,the process of selecting the perfect asphalt shingle roof can be an exciting and riveting experience. With so many different choices, the final decision can also be difficult and complex.   

How to select the best shingle color for your roof

shingle roofIn general the first thing a homeowner needs to do is select the perfect shingle color that best suits the home and the surrounding environment. Lighter shades of any color you chose will provide a brighter look and darker shades call for more of a dramatic affect. Also keep in mind that the darker the roof is, more heat will be drawn in. This can be a drawback or bonus, depending on your local environment. When choosing a color ask yourself these questions:

  • What will match my window trim and other exterior finishes?
  • What color best goes along with the base color of my home?
  • What color would stand out in the neighborhood but also at the same time remain blended in?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself prior to making a final decision on a shingle roof color. When wanting to do a roof replacement on your current home and wondering how you’re going to match the new shingles to the house, there is one major rule: stick with the basic colors. The most popular shingle colors today are different shades of brown, black, red, and gray. If your new roof doesn’t match well with the window trim or the existing home color, even if off by a shade, it will be noticeable and present an eye sore. Ensuring that the color of your roof matches the already existing exterior is crucial. 

How to pick out the perfect shingle design for your home

asphalt shingle roof design If you’re in the market for a newly designed style of asphalt shingle, the options are nearly endless. Homeowners have unlimited flexibility when it comes to their desires, including hundreds of designs available across various major shingle manufacturers. When it comes to choosing the perfect shingle design it is important to:

  • Recognize the existing style of your home 
  • Understand the importance of depth and angle when picturing the shingle on your home.
  • Be sure that the design is not only attractive, but compliments the entire exterior of your home.

One of the top residential shingle manufacturers, GAF, offers an architectural timberline shingle line. This line provides different designs based upon the existing architectural style of your home. Wether that style be french country or Mediterranean, they can provide a shingle to match. Asphalt shingles will adapt to different shapes, angels, and forms based allowing the homeowners to feel as if their roof is unique post-installation. 

slate alternative to asphalt shingles Asphalt shingles can offer a more high-end look

If looking for a luxury look, asphalt shingles are offered in an architectural design that will match the style of many high quality materials such as slate and metal. If you are looking for a high end slate look, the CertainTeed Belmont and Grand Manor lines vary in depth and color to present that slate look as best as possible, for a third of the cost. Turning your home’s exterior from an ordinary to extraordinary does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. 

Pros and Cons of asphalt shingles 

Advantages of asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingle roofs provide a wide range of benefits that automatically attract homeowners that are in the market for a new roof, below are some advantages of purchasing and installing a Asphalt Shingle roof:

  • Easy to install
  • Fire resistant 
  • Very affordable
  • Extremely versatile and look great on a wide range of ordinary and high-end homes
  • Low-maintenance cost 
  • Surplus in color and design options that resemble higher end materials
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy to repair

Disadvantages of Asphalt Shingles

With all the awesome advantages asphalt shingles offer, its efficiency and longevity are often questioned by consumers and roof contractor. Here are the disadvantages of installing a asphalt shingle roof:

  • Lowest lifespan out of all roofing materials, an average of around 20 years if properly installed and maintained. Some heavier weight CertainTeed materials can last up to 35-40 years
  • High vulnerability against heat damage.
  • Not as eco-friendly as other roofing materials, asphalt shingles creates an abundance of greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Very light in weight resulting in shingles falling off during high winds and inclement weather.