Why You Should Install A Metal Roof 

If you’re looking to spice the look of your home with a luxury roof replacement with durable and long lasting materials, installing a metal roof is the perfect solution. Installing a metal roof can be a very exciting process and comes with many advantages. Especially in today’s market, when there are more options available today than ever before, anything is possible. 

Metal Roofs Offer Endless Color Options

metal roof colorsWhether you are looking for an ecstatic red metal roof for your barn or a more modern look on your new home with black or grey, it is readily available. While some metals such as copper offer beautiful natural coloring , top metal manufacturers across the country offer finishes in virtually any color. 

Does Metal Match Well With Other Types Of Materials?

Not only does metal itself look amazing, it stands out even more when added along with other materials such as slate or just an ordinary asphalt shingle roof. If you love the metal look but don’t wish to spend the tens of thousands of dollars replacing your current roof by installing metal, you don’t have to. Hints of metal over your porch or side door entry ways will ultimately compliment the entire structure in a new way no matter the current roofing material. Below are a few visual example of combining different roofing materials with metal:

How To Select A New Metal Roof With The Your Surrounding Environment 

matching metal roofWhen making the final decision with metal roof colors and designs, be sure that it compliments the home. The new color of your roof should be based on different variables on the exterior of your home such as doors, siding, landscape, windows, etc. As you overlook your home and reflect on your own personal aesthetic taste, it is also imperative that you consider keeping up with your local geographic trends. For example if you’re looking to install a metal roof on a home that sits on a beach you may choose vibrant teal or cream color. Or an option for a modern suburb home would be an all black metal roof. The idea around installing a metal roof is to not obnoxiously stand out but rather blend in while maintaining an attractive aesthetic. Remember also that metal roofs will stick with its original color for years so be sure that the color you love now is the same color you love in 50 years.