Should a Roof to Leak In Hard Rain and Heavy Wind Storms

roof leak during heavy rainEven if your roof is newly installed or properly maintained, extreme rainfall and intense winds may cause water penetration and roof leaks. The areas on your roof where there are penetrations and seams will be the sources of the leaks during an intense storm. Small amounts of water leakage is normal only during severe inclement weather conditions. But recurring leaks or large leaks are not normal. It is best to contact Premier Roofing immediately for a no-cost evaluation of the roof problem.

What Causes Leaks During Sever Wind and Rain?

Water can also blow under roof shingles and flashed seams. Hurricane like winds can even blow water under drip edges and even a well flashed chimney or skylight. It is not uncommon for skylights or other roofing penetrations to leak during a heavy rainstorms and high winds. This isn’t saying that the skylight is damaged or wasn’t installed properly. But that the runoff of rainwater and condensation has a higher chance of leaking through when there are higher volumes of water and increased wind pressure. In most cases though water will leak into your home due to improper flashing around your skylight or other roof penetrations. If water is leaking into your home, grabbing a bucket is a temporary fix. Again give us at premier a call and we will make sure water never leaks into your home again.   

Metal and Slate are the Best Materials for Areas with High Winds

Shingle roofs are the most likely roofs to leak during high winds. Asphalt shingles are not heavy and wind will lift the shingles up and even tear them off the roof. Metal roofs are the most wind resistant along with slate. Slate roofing tiles are very heavy and wind will not lift the stone tiles as easily. Metal roofs are installed in very large pieces and welded together. A metal roof is essentially one piece of material once it is all connected. Wind cannot lift up a properly installed metal roof.