Metal Roofing Repair Maintenance and Replacement

Can a Metal Roof be Repaired or Does it Need to be Replaced?

metal roofing repair and replacement tipsDo you have a metal roof that is leaking? Or would you like to improve the curbside appeal of your home with a new modern metal roof? Many homeowners are considering replacing their ordinary asphalt shingle roofs with a more contemporary metal style roofing material. One of the main advantages of a metal roof is that it can literally last forever if properly installed and maintained. If you have a metal roof that is leaking, most likely all you need is a roofer specialized in metal to make a simple repair. Installing a metal roof is much different and more technical than installing a standard asphalt shingle roof. Premier Roofing Solutions specializes in metal roofing and we can tackle new installations and repairs. Contact us for a free estimate

How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost?

The cost of installation for a metal roof is generally more expensive compared to other roofing systems but it lasts 2-3x longer than a conventional asphalt shingle roof. The exact cost of a metal roof in the Washington DC area depends on the surface area of your roof, how steep the roof is, the shape of the roof and the kind of metal product being used. Copper and designer modern aluminum materials can be quite a bit more expensive than ordinary standing seam metal. 

Most Popular Types of Metal Used in Roofing different metal roof materials

  1. Copper
  2. Aluminum
  3. Zinc
  4. Steel

How Durable are Metal Roofs?

Modern metal roofs will not rot, crack, or rust and will last 40-60 years with little to no maintenance required. Metal roofs are far more superior compared to your average shingle roof when it comes to enduring inclement weather. The one vulnerability is very large hail that can dent metal. The materials’ long lifespan and tensile strength is why many homeowners have contemplated using metal roofing material. A properly installed metal roof is nearly impervious to almost all extreme climate conditions. A metal roof will not even burn. Many homeowner’s insurance companies offered preferred rates for customers with metal roofing. Metal roofing is especially popular in areas where there are extreme climate conditions. For example, metal roofs are very common in Florida where there is extreme heat, humidity, etc. Metal holds up to the heavy radiating heat of the sun and does not mold or mildew in the dampness of the swamps and everglades. 

The Appearance of Modern Metal Roofing Installations

modern metal roof optionsModern metal roofs come in a range of colors and design option for many desirable roof styles. This  includes detailed re-designs of traditional terra-cotta tile, slate, and wooden shake roofs. Contemporary metal roofs are made in 100s of different colors. Conventional shingles on-the-other-hand only come in about 15-20 different colors. Metal roofs are made in two basic styles: 1) interlocking shingles and 2) vertical panels. The majority of homeowners looking for clean and stylish designs are going with vertical panels for simple and modern looks.

What Constitutes Proper Installation of a Metal Roof? 

  1. Ensure the roof joists and decking of the roof is structurally sound and not damaged, rotten or full of loose nails. 
  2. Install metal strapping and box / frame in the area where you will be installing the new metal roofing.
  3. Install foam gaskets under the ends of the metal framing. The gasket will act as an environmental seal against water infiltration. 
  4. Start laying and securing the metal sheets and ensure their connected properly to the strapping
  5. Cap the roof and add more foam gasket underneath to ensure protection from  moisture and weather.
  6. Install fascia trim along the side, this will also hold your roof down from wind and rain on the sides. 

Fact or Fiction about Metal Roofing:

  1. Metal Roofs are Noisier than Asphalt Shingles. Fiction. If properly insulated, metal roofs are not any noisier then a regular shingle roof most of the time. The one exception may be hail.
  2. Metal Roofing Attracts Lightning. Fiction. Lightning is not attracted to metal roofs. In fact metal roofs have the added advantage of being extremely fire resistant and do not burn. lighting looks for a way to ground. Metal roofs are isolated components, with no direct path to ground.
  3. Metal Roofing will not burn, decay, or suffer insect damage. Fact.
  4. Metal Roofs Are More Energy Efficient. Fiction. Metal roofs are about as efficient as an asphalt shingle roof.
  5. Metal Roofs are an acceptable option for low slopes. Fact. Metal roofs are acceptable for all roofs other than flat roofs. Flat roofs require a completely waterproof membrane.
  6. Metal roofs suffer severe hail damage and can be ruined during a storm. In most cases metal is very durable, but in the even of very large hail, metal roofs can be severely damages.
  7. Metal Roof Installation and Repair Usually Requires a Professional. Fact.
  8. Metal Roofs are environmentally friendly, renewable and recyclable. Fact