Standing Seam Metal Roof Facts, Benefits, and Details 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Standing Seam Metal RoofsStanding seam metal roofing is another term for vertically laid metal panels. Due to its simplicity, longevity, durability, energy efficiency and stunning looks, standing seam is one of the most popular metal roofs to install. If you’re looking to jazz up your current home with a timeless modern metal roof, then you should consider installing a standing seam roofing system. The metal coils from standing seam metal panels are factory painted and finished with high end metal paint brand Kynar 500.  Installing a metal roof will not only offer a more durable and longer lasting system, but it will also compliment your home with a luxury look unlike any other material or style offered.

Standing seam metal roofs can look new, modern and even traditional, it’s important to recognize the different types of metal roofs and their benefits. Depending on where you live you need to make sure you select the correct metal roof for that specific area. The most popular metal materials for manufacturing roofing systems on the market are: 

  1. Copper
  2. Steel
  3. Aluminum

Galvanized or Steel vs Corrugated Steel

Standing seam roofs are mainly manufactured with thicker grades of metal, such as steel, compared to a corrugated steel roof. Corrugated steel uses a thinner 29 gauge steel, while galvanized steel or galvalume uses a minimum of 26. Galvalume or galvanized steel is more commonly used when manufacturing seam metal panels due to its longevity and durability. 

A technique commonly referred to as “mid-panel stiffening” is applied straight from the metal fabricators, manufacturers, and suppliers for a wider 16 inch standing seam. This technique prevents “oil canning’’ which is a buckling or deformation of sheet metal. 

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation Standing Seam Metal Roof Designs Are Love by Homeowners and Architects 

Standing seam metal roofs have numerous benefits that include durability, longevity, flexibility and not to mention its stunning timeless beauty. It’s easy to understand why this material is loved and favored by roof contractors and architects. Standing seam metal roofs will also improve the overall energy efficiency of your home, as well as eliminate the possibility of ice dams forming during winter months.

Commonly Used Metals With Standing Seam Roofs

Standing Seam metal roofing panels are commonly manufactured in a coated galvalume or galvanized steel due to its thickness and durability. Other materials that can be used are aluminum, copper, zinc, stainless steel, and titanium. 

If you’re looking to install a metal roof on your beach house, the preferred type of metal for your standing seam roof would be aluminum. Installing an aluminum standing seam roof will prevent any rusting or corrosion issues from arising in areas with a higher concentration of salt in marine and coastal environments.

Two Types of Standing Seam Panels 

Snap-Lock Standing Seam Metal RoofsSnap-lock panels are able to be fastened and locked by simply snapping the panels together by hand, no special tools are required.



Field-Lock standing seam panels are the more commonly installed standing seam that require special tools or fasten and crimp the seams down during installation.Field Lock Standing Seam Metal Roofs


Standing Seam vs Metal Shingles 

Standing Seam metal roofs will generally cost about 30% more to install compared to metal shingles. This is due to the tediousness and duration it takes to install standing seam panels. When talking about the performance between the two, there isn’t a significant difference. The performance for both metal shingles and standing seam are directly related to the quality of the installation. Don’t hire an inexperienced contractor when looking to install a metal roof, here at Premier Roofing Solutions we have a range of crews for all forms and types of roofing.

Cost of Materials For Standing Seam 

If your metal roof replacement requires around 5 squares or 500 sq ft of fabricated standing seam metal panels, your cost will be around $5 to $7 per sq ft. When having a larger roof and need to cover more than 1,000 sq ft or 10 squares, cost will be closer to $5 per sq ft. The cost does not end there, with purchasing a new standing seam roof requires that you purchase metal flashing as well. Metal flashing that is necessary to purchase include starter strips, drip edge, metal coils, snow guards, underlayment and the preferred screws.Your total cost including building permits, labor, materials plus warranty will rage anywhere between $11 to $16 per sq ft. 

Large Selection of Standard and Custom Colors

There is a wide variety of standing seam profiles available in Galvalume steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum. All of these metals are available in an array of custom and standard colors from across major roofing supply warehouses like ABC and Beacon Supply. If the supply company does not have a specific color you were looking at, they are able to provide you a premium or custom color metal coil, as long as you’re ok with paying a little extra cash.