What Is The Best Shingle To Install On My Home? 

Are you having trouble searching for the best color or design of asphalt shingle for your home? Don’t worry, we know the process of selecting that final asphalt color or shape can be mind boggling and confusing. If you need further assistance doing so please visit our how to select the perfect asphalt shingle for your home page. We have been installing roof shingles for over 20 years and we are here to help.

Roof contractors prefer shingles because they offer an extremely versatile look and match well with other roofing materials such as metal and slate. Below we listed the top ten most popular color and designs options that homeowners have chosen with us in the past. 

Top 10 Most Popular Shingle Designs and Colors


1. GAFs Timberline Charcoal 

popular shingle roof designsThis charcoal color and design is commonly used due to its versatile and contemporary look. Being able to match with popular paints colors and other roofing materials makes this style and color of shingle the most popular and common among all. The Timberline shingle by GAF comes with a stain guard algae protection   


2. GAF’s Timberline HDZ Barkwood

best shingle designs in 2020GAF’s Timberline HDZ design option gives homeowners a sleek and luxury feel to their home. The backwood color mixed with the dimensional style shingle makes for a great aesthetic look on warm colored homes such as creams, tans, browns, orange and some yellows. As well as brick colored and finished in orange, red, yellow, and brown. If your home is finished in the styles mentioned then the GAF Timberline roofing system in the backwood colorway way is just for you. 

3. Certainteed’s Landmark Black Walnut

Certainteed's Landmark Black WalnutCertainteed’s Landmark roof shingles itself offer a distinct shape that complements your entire home. Similar to GAF Timberline Charcoal, this asphalt shingle will provide more a contemporary look and feel to your home. As well as matching well with other roofing materials including slate and metal. The dark darker and lighter colored shingles laid throughout this roofing system creates a great dimensional feel for the curbside view. Bringing a much more luxury and modern feel and look to your home. 

4. Certainteed’s Belmont Stonegate Gray 

Certainteed Belmont Stonegate Gray shingleIf you’re looking for a modernly inspired shingle to spice up the look and feel with your home, this is just for you. The scattered light, dark, and medium shades of gray allow for creative freedom when designing the rest of you homes exterior. This dimensional shingle is manufactured to create a timeless slate-like look on your home for half the cost. This shingle is a great alternative to installing a new slate roof.

5. Certainteed’s Belmont IR Black Granite 

Certainteed Belmont IR Black Granite shinglesThis style of shingle offered by Certainteed is becoming more and more popular. This style offers the same timeless modern look to your home as the standard Belmont but the only difference between the Belmont and Belmont IR is the durability. IR meaning “impact resistance” for a little extra cash your can have a better looking and longer lasting roofing system. Many color options are also available in this design.

6. GAFs Timberline AH Midnight Brush 

GAFs Timberline AH Midnight Brush shingleFact: Your roof represents 40% of your home’s curbside appeal, so you do not want to disappoint. This multicolored dimensional shingle will complete that beautiful warm stone look on your house. Easily matchable with metal and slate, this shingle can be used on virtually any style of home. The scattered warm multi-color shingle placement creates a beautiful aesthetic that can be easily matched with another exterior designs or colors.

7. GAFs Timberline AH Appalachian Sky 

shingles design in 2020Darker roofing shingles are commonly installed on homes due to its simplicity and how well it complements other aspects of your home. This dimensional shingle goes great with cream or tan colored homes, as well as homes finished in brick. This particular GAF shingle is a great alternative to installing a custom modern metal roof.

8.Certainteed’s Grand Manor Weathered Wood

Certainteed’s Grand Manor Weathered WoodYour roof represents your taste and style and there is no other style that can make that statement like this one. The randomly placed tabs provide shadow lines that bring out the dimensions and style of natural slate while not paying an arm and a leg. The weathered wood color brightens your home up and will stun your neighbors. Certainteed roofing systems make it especially easy to install new gutters and down spouts. The system also allows other anti-leak features such as roofing drip edge and freeze guard.

9.Certainteed’s Presidential Shake IR Autumn Blend

Certainteed’s Presidential Shake IR Autumn BlendWith the sculpted edges and staggered design, this roofing shingle will combine to give your roof the beauty and aesthetic of authentic wood shakes while also giving your home the extra protection you need during inclement weather. Wood shakes are beautiful and timeless but also cost an arm and a leg. This 30 year asphalt shingle will serve the same look and feel but at half the cost.

10. GAFs Royal Sovereign Charcoal 

GAFs Royal Sovereign CharcoalLast but not least we have the regular charcoal 3 tab asphalt shingle. Homeowners love the royal sovereign due to its cheaper cost and simple looks. If you need to replace your roof and do not plan on living there for another 20 years and do not want to spend loads of money, this is the shingle just for you.