5 Reasons Why EPDM Flat Roof Can Leak

EPDM rubber flat roofs are very cheap in cost and in the quality of performance. Below we go over the top 5 reasons why EPDM flat roofs leak and how those problems can further affect the quality of your roofing system.

Failure at EPDM Seams and Joints

Even with a correct EPDM flat roof installation, it is still subject to failure at the seams. The seams are required to be glued together to prevent water from seeping through. Over time, the best glue on the market will end up drying out and failing between 8-11 years post- installment. Which will leave your roof vulnerable to water being able to infiltrate the inside of your building. This issue is unfortunately unavoidable and will happen sooner rather than later. You can choose to repair the seams but that will only temporarily fix the issue and the glue will soon again wear out. 

EPDM flat roof Hiring an Inexperienced EPDM Roofing Contractor 

Hiring an inexperienced flat roof contractor to perform any form of roofing job will result in issues occurring a lot quicker. EPDM is an especially technique sensitive installation process. A small mistake, can cause a huge leak and a lot of headaches. Rubber roofs are extremely cheap when it comes to the material itself. Though it might be cheap, it still requires someone who is educated and experienced to install this type of roof. An incorrect installation will result in serious water damage throughout the building causing thousands of dollars in damage. Always be sure to be extremely involved with your renovation projects and do your homework. It is important to realize that a flat roof installation is a completely different style of roofing and can not be properly done by your local shingle roofer.

Shrinkage in your Rubber EPDM Flat Roof Membrane

One major design flaw with the EPDM flat roofs is that they are subject to shrink over the years from constant UV exposure from the sun. When a rubber flat roof starts to shrink it will start to pull away from flashings, drains, corners and other areas which will allow water to easily enter. When leaks start to penetrate these now exposed areas on your roof, it will cost thousands of dollars to repair the water damage inside your home or commercial building. Shrinkage commonly occurs quicker on larger flat roof systems that are covered by EPDM.

Not Environmentally Friendly or Energy Efficient 

The black colored membranes are extremely non energy efficient due to the dark color attracting a surplus of UV radiation from the sun. This will drastically raise the temperature inside your building or home which will result in higher cooling cost during the warmer months of the year. Rubber is classified as the least eco-friendly materials in the roofing industry. Being manufactured from oil-based byproducts such as propylene, it requires major energy consumption while being manufactured. 

rubber roof damage Constant Maintenance is Required for EPDM Flat Roofs

With a correct installation of an EPDM flat roof comes a lot of regular maintenance to further avoid any leaks or damages to ensure that you get the full life. Due to the glue that seals the seam together not lasting as long as the roof itself, it requires constant inspections. It is easy to spot early signs that the flat roof needs to be repaired. It is important that you contact a professional to inspect your flat roof at least once a year. 

Here at Premier Roofing Solutions we hold the knowledge and experience to correctly install and inspect your rubber EPDM flat roof. With over 25 years operating in the industry, our flat roof service team is ready to tackle any of these issues discussed above and help you find a solution.