Advantages and Disadvantages of tpo flat roofing TPO Flat Roofs Have Pros and Cons

A TPO or single-ply membrane roofing system is among the most popular when it comes to commercial flat roof installations, but can also be applied to your roofing system at your home. Whether you have TPO flat roofing system for a balcony off the second floor with a patio underneath or a commercial style building, it is important that the roofing system is properly maintained and installed by a professional roof contractor. Below we the a look at the pros and cons of TPO roofing and also the top 3 most common issues that arise. 

Pluses and Minuses of TPO Membranes


  • Class A fire rated 
  • High tensile strength 
  • Quick installation process
  • Over a 50 year lifespan 


  • Constant heat exposure slowly detonate the lifespan
  • The membrane can be easily punctured

Top 3 TPO Problems

TPO flat roof installation UV Rays can destroy the adhesiveness

Like EPDM roofs, the seams and roof itself in the roof are sealed with adhesives to prevent water from seeping through and into your building. If your roof is exposed to constant UV rays or sunlight, the adhesives will degrade overtime which will in turn allow water to penetrate those areas where it was used. If there are tears, punctures, or damage along your roof. This will speed up the degrading process of the adhesives used to secure your roof and the seams making areas along your entire roof vulnerable to leaks. 

Membrane can be easily punctured 

TPO roofing systems are very easy to work on as they are sturdy and flexible. But this lightweight thin material can be easily punctured by a number of things. As your commercial style flat roof is subjected to a high volume of traffic, there is nothing protecting the synthetic rubber from loose screws being dropped, tools, or other forms of debris from penetrating through. Damage caused by these things will create holes in the rubber and even the insulation below allowing water too easily seep through and cause thousands of dollars in damage. 

Cracks in TPO RoofCracks in the TPO coating 

As your TPO flat roof starts to age throughout the years, it will also start to crack. Cracking in your TPO flat roof will show up usually around the 13-15 year mark. If not properly maintained or installed by a company who only installs asphalt shingles, it will be a lot sooner. When cracks in your flat roof occur it will allow water to infiltrate the roofing system. It may not leak into your home/building at first but the water will run underneath the flat roof destroying its adhesiveness. As the adhesiveness is destroyed from the crack, the roof will lift up and by that point you will have severe water damage throughout the structure.  

Premier Roofing Solutions Specialized Flat Roof Services

Here at Premier Roofing Solution our flat roof service teams are prepared to handle and issues you may be having with your TPO style roofing system. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we hold the knowledge and power to tackle any and all problems that are related to your flat roof.