What is Weather Guard and Why is it Necessary?

what is weather guardWeather Guard or ice shielding is a thick layer of flexible waterproof material. Its purpose is to prevent water from penetrating in the most vulnerable areas of the roof. It is installed underneath the shingles to catch water that has made its way through. Weather Guard or ice shielding is one of many key components along with flashing that needs to be installed with a roof. To prevent water from making its way into your home. When ice dams form or gutters get backed up on your roofing system. Weather Guard will prevent the standing water from soaking into your home’s plywood, insulation and drywall. 

Where is Weather Guard Primarily Needed?

Weather Guard should be installed in the areas of your roofing system where water is more likely to penetrate. These areas include:

  1. Where two roofs meet (valleys)
  2. Around every vent, before flashing is installed
  3. Around eaves, chimneys, and skylights on your roof. Prior to flashing being installed

Ice and water shielding acts as a essential back up protection in case any of the areas mentioned above have small leaks or failures. At Premier Roofing Solutions we install weather guard and ice shedling in all these places to ensure that water will not leak into your home.