Patio Roof Leaks is a Common Service Repair Call

leaking porch roof

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If you have water stains on the ceiling of your beautiful patio or sunroom, the main question is why? Patio roofs have low slopes and water rolls off them slower. That means water has more time to find its way into your property. Patios need materials that are less permeable to water. And sometimes they may require full waterproofing. In this article we go over the reasons to why your patio roof is leaking. Plus, how to further prevent this problem from recurring.

Installing standing seam metal roofing and flat roofing materials are required for patio roofs. Metal materials look nicer on a front porch. Flat roofs are best for patio roofs that have little to no slope. Water damage in patio rooms is very typical when a general contractor works on the roof. Usually the GC used the wrong material for the original installation.

Why Patio Roofs Leak Where it Meets House or Another Roof?

The point at where a porch roof meet the siding of the home, or perhaps another roof, is a prime location for leaks to occur. Water leaks into these vulnerable areas because they were not properly waterproofed or flashed. This type of damage in patio rooms is very typical when a general contractor works on the roof. Usually the GC used the wrong material for the original installation.

With a correctly installed patio roofing system, it will work together well with all roofing materials to transport stormwater including:

  1. Asphalt Shingle Installation
  2. Cedar Shake Custom Roofing
  3. Slate Roofing

Roof leaks in a variety of places are common. However, homeowners contact us all the time about water leaking into their home where the patio roof meets the side of their home. The leak is usually caused by improper installation and waterproofing of that area. The best way to avoid problems with your roof leaking in this area is to hire a roofing specialist.

Flat Roofing Material is the Best Solution for Patios

If you’re looking to cover your outdoor patio area. With the advantages of a tpo flat roof installation , it’s going to be the best option. Installing and building a new sloped roof requires twice as much engineering and materials compared to flat roof installations. Flat roofing materials are perfect for covering patios because of the cheap and simple installation. A flat roofing system is often equated with “poor drainage”, but that is not the case. Roofing system are suppose to drain and shed stormwater. And with a correct installation, a flat roof will do it efficiently. With the correct slope plus a efficient flat roof drainage system. This new roofing system is going to outperform any other style and material.

Metal Roofing Material Looks Great of a Front Porch

Metal roofing materials is also another great way to protect your patio space off your home. With being extremely permeable and able to shed water efficiently. Installing a metal roof is the next best system to install behind flat roofing for covering your patio.

Modern standing seam metal roofing installations are becoming more and more popular everyday. Especially on small accents like front or side porch roofs. Small hints of metal placed around the exterior for your home will dazzle the eyes of your neighbors. While also not giving an overwhelming effect.