Why Roofers & Homeowners Prefer CertainTeed Products

roofers use certainteed shingles CertainTeed shingles are considered to be the most well manufactured shingles in the roofing industry. Roofing contractors consider CertainTeed to be the Cadillac of shingle brands in the profession. CertainTeed has a large selection of products that includes everything from luxury lines of designer shingles to more practical standard options. Also several mid-grade dimensional and architecture shingles that look great in your average suburban housing neighborhood. 

Certainteed Shingles are the Best Value

What is the average cost to replace a shingle roof in the DC area anyway? When it comes to asking the price of this luxury roofing brand, it is not cheap compared to builders grade shingles. CertainTeed is by far the most expensive brand when it comes to shingle materials. But you get the longevity and value you pay for. Anyone who is in the market for a durable and reliable shingle manufacturer, there is no one doing it better than CertainTeed. And that is an undeniable fact. 80% of roofers prefer to install CertainTeed. Though CertainTeed shingles are more expensive, they are worth the extra money even when looking for a practical option. Due to the labor cost being the biggest part of paying for a new roof. Why pay a roofer a ton of money to install an inferior product?

Shingle Weight is an important Factor in Performance and Quality

The CertainTeed shingles are labeled as the “Heavy weight” brand while weighing in at 200- plus pounds per square. Other shingles weigh 240-490lbs per square. The more weight you have will in turn give you more durability. Other branded shingles will weigh in at around 150-270lbs making them not as durable as CertainTeed. 

Heavy Shingles resist Wind Damage

The heavier the shingle, the better it’s going to stay in place. Thankfully the CertainTeed shingles are no match for moderate to severe wind storms. The warranties average 60 mph wind warranty for 3-tab shingles and 110mph warranties on all other products. 

CertainTeed Landmark Architectural Shingles are the Most Popular

landmark architectural shingleWhen looking for a traditional architectural shingle, CertainTeed Landmark PRO shingles are the perfect solution. This style of shingle is designed to look more dimensional and full compared to the average looking 3 tab shingle. These dimensional shingles are heavier and thicker than the 3 tab shingle which provides more durability against weather conditions. 

Presidential & Grand Manor Shake are the Most Popular Luxury Shingles

Grand Manor Shake ShingleThe Presidential and Grand Manor Shake products serve as perfect examples of a premier roofing shingles. These high-end products have unparalleled appearance and perceived depth from the curbside. These shingles are beautiful and the design can only be beat if you install natural cedar shake.  Some custom slate roof projects are also gorgeous and look a lot nicer than architectural shingles. 

Why Roofing Contractors Prefer CertainTeed Shingles

CertainTeed sells complete roofing solutions. For example the average roof has:

  1. ventilation and pipes in the roof
  2. chimney needs flashing to prevent leaks
  3. Dormer that needs metal flashing
  4. valleys where different parts of the roof come together. 

CertainTeed sell kits consisting of shingles, tar paper and special pieces and different parts to properly waterproof a roof. Certainteed roof “solutions” makes it much easier for a roofer to install tested components to do complete roofing projects. The different products are systems designed to work as a packaged solution for a contractors given project. This gives the roofing contractors much more confidence and security that there will not be any issues they’ll have to repair at a later time or risk their reputation as a company. No roofer wants to risk the value of their company name on an unproven and unpredictable product. Service calls for work not done properly the first time is the fastest way to lose money and damage a roofing businesses reputation. 

What is in CertainTeed Product Packages for Roofers

Underlayment:  Commonly referred to roofing paper or tar paper. This is installed directly on the wood deck of the roof. CertainTeed provides two different options: Winter Guard is a waterproof barrier traditionally used in colder climates and typically is used at the eaves of the roofing system. It is also often installed in roof valleys for an extra layer of protection where a significant amount of water flows. There is also DiamondDeck which is a synthetic water resistant barrier, majority of roofs will contain both types of underlayments. 

Starter shingles: These flat designed shingles are installed to add a layer of protection against wind-driven rain and ice along the eaves.

Shingles: This next layer is completely comprised of the homeowners choice of CertainTeed Shingles

Ridge Vents: This allows moisture and heat to be ventilated from the gaps that are left in the roof deck which is very essential for the roof’s durability.  

Ridge and Hip shingles: These specialty shingles will cover vents and non-vented ridges and hips. 

Drip Edge and Gutters and Downspouts:

CertainTeed Shingle Warranty:

Warranty: CertainTeed has upgraded its warranty for 2019-present. Over 80 percent of lines are backed with the CertainTeed lifetime warranty against all defects and is also ranking among the best in GAFs Warranty.

Extended warranty: Homeowners want to maximize their warranty coverage; with the installation of a complete integrity roofing system you as the homeowner is able to purchase the extended warranty that covers tear-off (20 years) and labor, disposal and 50 years, or disposal and 50 years with additional coverage on workmanship. 

Why Home Inspectors love CertainTeed

As the inspectors walk the roof, they are immediately impressed by the quality and durability and not the color or profile. How is this roof performing 15 or 25 years after installation? Has it held up against wind and hail storms? Is it algae resistant and not staining?

Benefits of CertainTeed Products: 

xt25 certainteed shingleGreat impact resistance: CertainTeed provides 11 different shingle lines that come with a premium impact warranty, which is way more than any other brand. These include an impact shingle called the Northgate shingle which is very similar to the popular landmark and presidential shake shingles. The XT30 is one of very few 3-tab shingles that’s impact-resistant. XT25 is by far the most popular material used by contractors who install roofs with shingles.

The CertainTeed shingles contain more asphalt than most of the other products on the market. It makes for a premium and durable material that is stain fighting and has algae fighting copper integrated into the design. Certainteed shingles come with a 15 year stain warranty. Only Atlas shingles that have a lifetime warranty against algae is better in this regard. 

What Homeowners love about CertainTeed Shingles:

Homeowners greatly appreciate the CertainTeed shingles quality, durability and warranty. Certainteed shingles have a class A fire rating which is the highest rated for asphalt shingles. The CertainTeed warranty is transferable, but only once, so it can be transferred to a new homeowner. An extended 5-Star Warranty covering workmanship for the longevity of the shingles can be purchased.

But what homeowners like most of all is CertainTeed has so many designs, colors and options to offer different beautiful and reliable roofing solutions for many different kind of home styles. Here are a few customer favorites:

CertainTeed Luxury Asphalt Shingle Lines: 

  1. Grand Manor
  2.  Arcadia Shake
  3. Belmont
  4. Carriage House
  5. Presidential Shake

CertainTeed TL shingles are also known as triple-laminate. The added layers give the shingles a more elevated 3D profile that appears more like a wood shingle or shake:

  1. Presidential Shake TL
  2. Presidential Solaris TL
  3. Landmark TL 
  4. Landmark Solaris TL

Certainteed offers mid-grade dimensional and 3-tab shingles. The XT 25 and XT 30 IR are among the popular 3-tab or strip shingles. The XT 25 is offered in nearly 30 colors and 9 colors are available with the XT 30 IR.

Certainteed Architectural/Dimensional Shingles:architectural shingle roofing material

  1. Standard Landmark Shingle ( available in 30+ colors ) 
  2. Landmark IR
  3. Northgate 
  4. Highland Slate  

“Cool” roof shingles: The Landmark Solaris and Presidential Solaris are top rated by the Cool Roofing Rating Council for reducing the amount of heat allowed in. For sunny climates or locations where there’s high levels of solar heat, Solaris shingles are the best design. When less heat is prevented from entering into your attic space through the roof your home will maintain a cool temperature while also maintaining a low cooling cost. 

Cons of CertainTeed Products:

It’s not all smooth roads and daisies with any shingle brand out there. Let’s go ahead and discuss the disadvantages of CertainTeed shingles:

  1. Higher price: Whether you’re looking to purchase a dimensional, luxury or just the common 3-tab shingle, they’re not going to get more expensive than CertainTeed. With the more you pay, in return you get a durable long lasting material but unfortunately you’ll not receive that money back if you decide to sell the home.

CertainTeed Materials and installation cost per roofing square:

  • XT 30 IR (3-Tab Shingle)- $65-$80
  • Landmark (Most affordable dimensional shingle)- $74-$90
  • Landmark Premium (Most popular dimensional shingle) $138-$155
  • Grand Manor (Most popular luxury shingle) $220-$245

Other Labor and Material Costs per Square:

  • Ridge vents, underlayment, starter strip and nails, hip and ridge shingles- $12-$22
  • Labor/Installation fees- $130-$240

When to go with Certainteed and when not to: 

If you plan to stay in your home indefinitely and you want a luxurious and durable shingle product that will last, Then certainTeed is your top choice. If CertainTeed is the product for you, make sure that you have an excellent roof contractor for the installation processes. Do your homework, you do not want an inexperienced general home improvement contractor to waste your time and money. Premier Roofing Solutions has the skills and knowledge for any installation process whether it be with CertainTeed products or not.